About Luis Bonito
Luis BonitoPortuguese born I live now in Germany near a small town called Leer, in the NW region called East Frisia.
I have a wide range of subjects in my photography themes. I do like to experiment and to try new approaches.
If you would like to know more about me please visit this link (copy and paste link):

Many thanks for your visit :-)
Feel free to contact me: boni58@gmail.com
Favorits: Authors
  • Manuel Figueiredo
  • José Fangueiro
  • Alexandre Lopes
  • Robert Mueller
  • Olavo Azevedo
  • Dinis Ponteira
  • Red/Benjamim Leandro de Medeiros
  • José Prata dos Reis
  • Miguel Silva
  • Ben Goossens
  • Pessoa N Beat
  • Filipe P Neto
Favorits: Photos
  • Sé da Guarda
  • Aparo sem tinta
  • Wiping
  • Voyage de l'âme
  • Science
  • hundred years to live
  • na sombra dos dias____
  • Guardiões do tempo
  • The fisherman
  • s-t
  • Dia de verão no molhe_
  • fear of the dark
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